Bernard Ingham

Bernard Ingham

Bernard Ingham: Only radical surgery will end the NHS’s deadly drift

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is right: you don’t swap horses in midstream, least of all in a flood. The reshuffle has saddled him with a new burden but it is a step forward if it really integrates health and social care.

Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher.

Big beasts did for Maggie, but May faces small fry

If you believe all you read, our Tory government is uniquely in trouble.

Sir Bernard Ingham

Labour must rid themselves of this Corbyn pestilence now: Ingham

Sir Bernard Ingham has launched a blistering attack on Jeremy Corbyn, warning the Labour Party to get rid of him quickly and describing the present leadership as “a pestilence”.

General Election
Picture by Simon Hulme

Bernard Ingham: Kellingley closure is last chapter in tale of suicidal stupidity

REMEMBER Kellingley. The closure of the last deep mine in Britain is symbolic. The pit near Selby that represented the future of coal now speaks volumes for the long-term stupidity of British politicians.

Montage: Graeme Bandeira

Bernard Ingham: Benn fighting spirit has lessons for Cameron

DAVID Cameron’s 10 years at the top, celebrated last Sunday, have been full of complications and Labour’s win in the Oldham by-election added another to the list. It’s a wonder the poor chap isn’t up the pole by now.

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