The best and strangest photos from Whitby's Krampus Run where 'dark spirit teases naughty children'

The annual Whitby Krampus Run was held this weekend with scores of weird and wonderful people turning up in the Yorkshire town.

The Krampus run in Whitby. Photo: Charlotte Graham Photography

In parts of Europe on the 5th of December, the Eve of the Feast of St. Nicholas the Saint visits homes to give gifts to good children. He is accompanied by his dark counterpart The Krampus, who teases and punishes naughty boys and girls. Krampus festivals or runs are popular throughout Europe and now in America but have never been held in the UK, until 2015 with the very first Whitby Krampus Run, which was very well received even by naughty children and again in 2016 and 2017. All Photos copyright 2018 Charlotte Graham CAG Photography Ltd.

Although this is a tradition from Austria, festive folklore characters from across the world are included in addition to the better-known Krampus. Photo: Charlotte Graham Photography

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Charlotte Graham Photography
Creatures from the sea created from rubbish picked up on this years Whitby Beach Sweep clean-ups were at the event Photo: Charlotte Graham Photography
Also featured in the event were figures from local legend and history, watch out for the Black Dog, Hobs, the Star Carr shaman. Photo: Charlotte Graham Photography
The Austrian tradition has been sensitively interpreted by the organisers for the UK, with an aim of appealing especially to families. Photo: Charlotte Graham Photography
Which is your favourite character or costume? Photo: Charlotte Graham Photography
Organiser Elaine Edmunds said: This is something more special and different from a commercialised shopping centre Christmas experience" Photo: Charlotte Graham Photography
Last year, a participant wore a costume and headpiece inspired by the findings at the the Star Carr Mesolithic site, near Scarborough, dating back 11,000 years." Photo: Charlotte Graham Photography