The best Yorkshire beaches to visit in the sunshine this weekend

The sun's out, your speedos have been gathering dust and you fancy some sea air.


Well look no further than these beaches - all within day trip distance of most of Yorkshire:

A traditional day out beckons at Brid. The beach is just an hour and a half away from Leeds. North Beach has a mix of pebbles and shingle, lined with funfairs and amusement rides.


But South Beach is where bathers go, packed with stretches of glorious golden sands.

From the calm waters of the marina to the sands of Scarborough bay, there's plenty on offer here. South Bay is a traditional beach with arcades, shellfish stalls and ice cream.

North Bay offers a more relaxed setting with sandy beaches, brightly coloured huts and a mini railway.



Staithes is not as well known as these other beaches but it's packed full of character. It's just 1 hour 40 by car from Leeds and has a lovely picturesque village that's well worth exploring.

It used to be one of the North Sea's biggest fishing ports, so it's jam packed full of history too.

How to get there: Take the A58 slip road towards Harrogate, merge onto the A58M and head onto the A1M


Known as the Smuggler's Town because it was used as a port to smuggle alcohol and tea in the 1700s, this beautiful seaside town offers Smugglers Tours all year round.

The scenic village gives way to views of stunning cliffs and coastal pathways lead to a stony yet unspoiled little beach. Neat!



Whitby is by far one of the most popular seaside resorts in Yorkshire. 90 minutes away in the car, the picturesque village combines with a Blue Flag accredited beach.

You can visit the places which inspired Bram Stoker's Dracula novel too in a walk around Victorian Whitby.

Of course, there's also top drawer fish and chips here!