Bid to tighten rules on extradition

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A cross-party group of MPs are to launch a bid to tighten up extradition rules in the Commons this week.

Tory Dominic Raab has secured backing from his own colleagues and senior Labour figures, including Home Affairs Select Committee chairman Keith Vaz, for amendments to the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill.

The Bill, which returns to the Commons today following scrutiny by a committee, should be used to stop British citizens being the victims of miscarriages of justice in foreign courts, Mr Raab said. The Bill will be debated at report stage for two days and the extradition amendments are due to be discussed tomorrow afternoon.

If agreed, Mr Raab’s amendments would affect both the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) and the UK-US extradition treaty.

Mr Raab said: “Extradition is vital to fight crime, but we must have proper safeguards to stop innocent British citizens being hung out to dry.”