Big figures needed for police tsars says PM

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DAVID Cameron today calls for a wave of “big local figures” from Yorkshire to stand for election as the first elected heads of the region’s police forces.

The Prime Minister said he wants “outstanding leaders” from all backgrounds to stand as candidates for the newly-created Police and Crime Commissioner roles.

The Government hopes the highly-paid PCC positions will attract people with non-political and non-policing backgrounds, and make each police force more accountable to its community.

So far the former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Prescott is the highest-profile figure to express an interest. He hopes to be Labour’s PCC candidate in Humberside.

In a statement to the Yorkshire Post, Mr Cameron said that with six months to go until November’s elections, it is time for big-name candidates to come forward.

“We’re scrapping unelected and invisible police authorities, whose duties hardly anyone understands, and for the first time ever you’ll be able to vote directly for a powerful new local champion instead,” Mr Cameron said.

“This is a big job for a big local figure. It’s a voice for the people of Yorkshire, someone to lead the fight against crime, and someone you’ll be able to hold to account if they don’t deliver.

“And with elections now just six months away, my message today is that this is the time for great candidates to come forward.

“This isn’t just for politicians, but community leaders and pioneers of all sorts. People with real experience who’ve done things and run organisations, whether they are charities or companies.”

Mr Cameron said they would need to be outstanding leaders ready to take a “really big role”.