Bird’s eye view of changing landscapes

People in many parts of the region can now see bird’s eye views of how their localities have changed over the years.

Aerial photography company Bluesky has made available some of the UK’s most interesting collections of old aerial photographs – with visitors to a dedicated website now able to search through more than a million images dating back as far as 1917.

Managing director Rachel Tidmarsh said: “The historic images we have brought together on offer a real insight into the development of Leeds and the surrounding area.

“We have images from virtually every decade in the last 100 years making this a truly unique resource for anyone with a personal or professional interest in the past. The images have proved an invaluable resource for many customers, including solicitors and expert witnesses, wanting evidence to substantiate their boundary disputes, planning disputes or rights of access claims.”

The images reveal the startling redevelopment of Leeds alone. One shows the Brewery Wharf site in the city in 1992, before it was redeveloped. Another picture from 1992 shows the Eastgate roundabout and surrounding area. Website users can search by simply entering a postcode, address or grid reference – and then clicking on “examples”.

The results include the age and ground coverage of each image matching those criteria and print costs start at £30.