Birds of no feather, flock together

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Almost 2,000 birds from farms across the region were sold at this year’s Christmas poultry auction in York yesterday.

Hundreds of bidders headed to York Auction Centre, at Murton, to get their hands on turkey, geese, chicken, ducks, and pheasants in time for festive feasts. Turkeys and geese went for as much as £50 and chickens and ducks fetched up to £28 at the annual event, which runs alongside a popular Christmas Farmers Market.

The centre’s manager Roger Pearce, said: “It is one of our most popular auctions. All of the poultry on sale at the Christmas poultry auction is from local producers, which is what we try to promote at the farmers’ market.

“Consumers were willing to pay the top prices because this really is the best poultry, and it is always in demand.”