Blast from the past as replica ship sails in

A REPLICA of a Phoenician ship that sailed in 600BC has arrived in London for the summer.

The Phoenicia is modelled on an ancient trading vessel believed to have completed the first circumnavigation of Africa.

Skippered by British adventurer Philip Beale, the ship recreated the epic 20,000-mile voyage between 2008 and 2010. The 20-metre vessel was designed with the help of marine archaeologists and built in 2008.

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Shipwright Khalid Hammoud and colleagues used traditional Phoenician construction methods and materials to build it in Arwad Island, an ancient Phoenician city state just off the Syrian coast.

It is the only Phoenician replica ship in existence and this is its first visit to the UK. Its voyage here from the Mediterranean celebrates the ancient tin trade between the Phoenicians and the Cornish.

The boat will be moored at St Katharine Docks as a floating museum housing ancient artifacts from the Phoenician era.

Ben Walford, of Prestbury Investments, which manages the dock, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Phoenicia to hold its summer exhibition here following a voyage from the Mediterranean to London. The vessel has been stunningly recreated using traditional material and methods, which will complement the beautiful environment of our historic Docks.”

The Phoenicians: The Greatest Ancient Sailors exhibition onboard opens on Saturday.