Blind faith of green ‘religion’

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From: N Pearson, Carr Bridge Avenue, Leeds.

PREDICTABLY the Philippines disaster has been hijacked by the “green” movement as evidence of “man-made global warming”, though these days they prefer to use the weasel term “climate change”, since there has been no global warming for around 17 years while the atmospheric CO2 level has continued to rise.

Do any of these people have reliable proof that there were no massive typhoons, including many bigger than Haiyan, in the Earth’s history before the days of 4x4s and coal-fired power stations? I doubt it.

But when did the complete absence of any evidence of unusual behaviour by the global climate, in the distant past, recent past or present, ever count for anything where the “green” religion is concerned?

First class care

From: From Bob Swallow, Townhead Avenue, Settle.

IT is nice to be able to record good news concerning the NHS.

I was one of the first patients to visit the new Ward 18 at Airedale General Hospital, after receiving a new knee. This ward specialises in orthopaedic care, looking after patients following their operation.

The whole experience was first class from the dedicated orthopaedic team led by consultant orthopaedic surgeon Alex Acornley to the ward staff.

I had a single room, one of several on the ward, each painted an individual colour. Staff were kind and considerate, indeed treating me as much as a friend as a patient. Even the food was good! Well done, Airedale.

Threat to peace

From: Annie Painter, Spring Lane, Crofton.

RE your ‘tranquil charm’ season photographs (Yorkshire Post, November 18), what about adding to the peace? A train perhaps, higher than a two houses, on stilts, thundering through at a cost of several thousand fields full of money?

No? Well, this is what some clot is proposing to do near us, where the scenery is equally as tranquil and the seasons just as breathtaking.