Bomb squad called after grenade found in Leeds

A bomb squad was sent out to Leeds today to recover a hand grenade found during a loft clearance.

Sandmoor Drive. Pic: Google.

West Yorkshire Police tonight confirmed that an military explosive ordnance disposal team turned out to Sandmoor Drive in Alwoodley.

The weapon is thought to be from the Second World War era.

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Police initially received the call around noon.

After a wait for military personnel and safety checks, the area re-opened to traffic at around 6.45pm.

Duty inspector Ralph Sillitoe said: "It was located during a house clearance. It came from the loft in the premises.

"It's probably something from the Second World War."

He said the bomb squad was called.

"They came and removed it. It's all been searched. There's nothing else to be concerned about."

He added: "There is nothing to suggest criminal activity."