Bookie takes bets on Corrie death

Bookmakers are hoping for a "Bobby Ewing" moment as they continue to take bets on whether Coronation Street stalwart Ashley Peacock is actually dead, even though millions of viewers apparently saw him crushed to death.

Yesterday, William Hill was still offering odds of 1 to 100 on the butcher, played by Steven Arnold, dying during the show's 50th anniversary.

Long-serving Ashley appeared to meet his end beneath a falling beam after heroically passing Peter Barlow, played by Chris Gascoyne, to rescuers during Wednesday's episode.

A spokesman said: "It is not impossible that this is Coronation Street's Bobby Ewing moment and that it will shortly be revealed the whole thing has been dreamed by Ken Barlow, who will wake up in a future edition to reveal it was all a dream."

The character of Bobby Ewing, played by Patrick Duffy in the hit US soap Dallas, passed into TV legend when he was killed off at the end of one series only to be written back into the show later.