‘Both sides failing to deliver on equality’

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THE surge in the number of pay day loan companies tells retired teacher Ron Fairfax one thing – the Chancellor’s claim of economic growth isn’t helping ordinary citizens.

The historian and former Labour city councillor described yesterday’s budget as “not one for votes”.

Mr Fairfax, 74, added: “It is interesting there’s no reference to beer or cigarettes – the drinking classes are keeping the working classes sweet.

“But Labour isn’t offering any real solutions either, their offer to freeze energy bills is just a soundbite for the media.

“They are not offering a solution to the big question: equality of distribution.”

Mr Fairfax said he and his wife Jan, also a retired teacher, were able to enjoy a reasonable standard of living because they had teachers’ pensions as well as the state pension. Anyone relying on a state pension alone was doomed to poverty.

The £50 off annual energy bills was “giving with one hand and taking away with another” and asking people in their 40s to retire at 68 or 70 “a turn-off for voters”. He said: “Unless you have two pensions you certainly won’t be raising glasses to the Chancellor tonight.”