Bowling Stones to open cricket stadium

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VETERAN rockers The Rolling Stones are heading Down Under to play to 70,000 fans at the upgraded Adelaide Oval in March.

Promoters have reportedly been negotiating with the band for more than a year to secure them for the outdoor show on Saturday, March 22.

Mick Jagger – himself a big cricket fan – said: “It’s great to be invited to Adelaide to open the historic Oval. We’re really looking forward to doing this gig, it will be the first time we’ve been to Adelaide in nearly 20 years, so see you there!”

Keith Richards said: “Hi everyone down in Adelaide, it’s been a while since we were in your back yard...see you on March 22 when we’ll take over your new stadium and make it our own, look forward to it.”

Mick Taylor, who was a member of the Rolling Stones from 1969-1974, will be a special guest for the concert.

Promoter Tony Cochrane said: “Adelaide Oval and the Government asked me to come up with the biggest night I could think of for this one-off event to re-open Adelaide Oval – that made it easy, it had to be The Rolling Stones.”