Boxing legend set for Sunday roast when he visits big fan

Emma Dunlop MIKE Tyson – probably the most famous boxer since Muhammad Ali – is coming to Doncaster, just so he can have a traditional Sunday roast with one of his biggest fans.

The ex-world heavyweight champion is visiting at the end of November after accepting an invitation from his number one fan – Andy Booker.

He has been a huge fan of the boxer ever since seeing him in his early days in New York in 1984 before he was famous.

Over the years the pair have become firm friends and Mr Booker has visited Tyson's family in Connecticut in the US. Now Mr Booker, 41, a former miner who runs a Doncaster newsagent, is to return the favour at his two up, two down semi in Sunnymede Crescent, Askern, where his 65-year-old mother Barbara will make a traditional roast dinner for Tyson and his entourage.

The boxer, who retired earlier this year, will also visit the local pub for a drink before going for a curry later in the evening with Mr Booker.

The pair will spend the following day seeing some of Yorkshire's historic sites, including York Minster, after Tyson expressed a wish to see some culture.

And on Monday, November 21 Mr Booker has laid on an evening dedicated to the heavyweight, at Doncaster's Dome, where he will be joined by the glitterati of the boxing world, including former boxing champion Frank Bruno.

Mr Booker, who is covered in tattoos of his hero, last night said it was the "perfect end" to a "perfect 22 years" he has had following Mr Tyson's career.

In that time he has followed him to nearly every fight, travelling around the world to see his hero.

He even held the boxer's new-born baby during his famous fight against Lennox Lewis.

He said: "Every time I see him I just say 'This cannot get any better' and then it does. As it has gone on it has just got better and better. I have been treated so well by Mike over the years and I just wanted to return the favour.

"I have been trying to get Mike to come to Doncaster for four years and now he has finally said yes. I will be picking him up from Heathrow on Sunday, November 20 and taking him back to my mum's house where she will lay on a traditional Sunday lunch for him – something he has always told me he wants.

"We'll then be heading into town for drinks and a restaurant meal later on –probably booking out the whole restaurant. I just can't wait. This will put a stop to all those people over the years who just say I have made up my friendship with him."