Boy, 11, forced to ‘modify’ 50 Shades of Grey costume

Actor Jamie Dornan
Actor Jamie Dornan
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WHILE Harry Potter or The Hunger Games heroine Katniss Everdeen may have proved inspiration for many World Book Day costumes - one school has defended its decision to stop a pupil taking part in celebrations after he came to class dress wearing a 50 Shades of Grey costume.

After arriving wearing a suit and carrying cable ties and an eye mask, 11-year-old Liam Scholes, was made to alter his Christian Grey outfit before he was allowed to take part in events at Sale High School in Trafford.

Headteacher Lynn Nicholls said the decision reflected the school’s high standards in terms of student behaviour, welfare and safeguarding. She said Liam was not excluded from taking part in any of the activities, but had his costume “modified” to enable him “to fully participate and enjoy the day with his peers.”

Liam’s mother, Nicola Scholes, 36, told ITV1’s Good Morning Britain: “I don’t regret allowing him to go as that character. He’s a character that has been put out there on the television and all aspects of media. Every child at the age of 11 knows who he was. He walked into school yesterday and every child knew who he was.”

Liam said: “He’s the character that has been talked about the most in the past few years and he’s just been everywhere you go.”

He added: “I think it’s the content of the book that might (make) people think that it’s inappropriate. But I went into school as Christian Grey just for a laugh, not anything else.”

A film based on the book by EL James - which has sold over 100 million copies worldwide - hit screens last month starring Northern Irish actor Jamie Dornan as Grey.