Boyband star told to mend fences with neighbour

A former boyband singer who fell out with his neighbour over a boundary fence has been bound over to keep the peace.

Matthew Johnson, 25, who was a singer in the band One True Voice, telephoned ex-Wales football captain Kevin Ratcliffe "ranting and raving", Mold Crown Court heard.

The pair, who live in Ewloe, North Wales, had fallen out over a 20ft fence which Mr Ratcliffe had erected between their two homes.

The court heard that Johnson took down the fence and that the dispute between the two families came to a head with an altercation at a nearby restaurant, involving Johnson's father and Mr Ratcliffe's son on September 8 last year.

Johnson was not present at the incident but telephoned Mr Ratcliffe at 6.45pm.

Alun Humphreys, prosecuting, said: "Mr Ratcliffe described his demeanour as ranting and raving."

The two men then engaged in a war of words, with Mr Ratcliffe asking Johnson how he could afford having his house at his then age of 24.

The court heard he asked if Johnson was a drug dealer. Mr Humphreys said that Johnson responded with a direct threat, adding: "Mr Ratcliffe heard him say, 'I will get you shot'. He said he knew people who could harm Mr Ratcliffe's son."

The court heard that Mr Ratcliffe's wife ordered him to end the call after seeing the concern on her husband's face.

Mr Cross said Mr Ratcliffe has now put up a 6ft fence which is acceptable to both parties.

Magistrates bound Johnson over in the sum of 1,500 to keep the peace for six months and ordered him not to communicate in an abusive or threatening manner with Kevin Ratcliffe.