From Bradford to Mumbai: Movie filmed in Yorkshire hits the big time

A movie filmed in Yorkshire and starring leading actors including Harvey Keitel, Gabriel Byrne and Mark Addy will feature in the Mumbai film festival this month.

Gabriel Byrne and Harvey Keitel

‘Lies We Tell’, which was shot on location in Bradford and other parts of the region, also employed the services of a Yorkshire executive producer, Mark Platts.

Written and directed by Mitu Misra, an Indian filmmaker who grew up in Bradford, it tells the story of a driver who must deal with his dead boss's Muslim mistress.

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It had its UK premiere in September at the Raindance Film Festival in London's Leicester Square before travelling the world for film festivals in Mumbai, Byron Bay, Australia and Los Angeles.

Mr Platts, the chief executive of Leeds-based Brawl Agency, said: "It was a privilege to work with Mitu and help realise his vision. I first spoke with Mitu about him making a film 13 years ago.

"He had found film and cinema a good way of escape when growing up as a young Indian boy living in Bradford which brought about its challenges.

“Filming on location in Bradford and around Yorkshire added a real sense of pride to the shoot. It was a real roller-coaster, but we are all passionate about the final product.”

Some of the post production facility work was done at Brawl’s Headingley studio in Leeds. The film will see its general release in the UK in February 2018.