Bradford’s rail routes merit greater imagination

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From: D Yates, Springwell Lane, Doncaster.

I READ that there are high expectations that the Metro transport authority will get millions in grant monies to enable it to rebuild a station at Low Moor, Bradford (Yorkshire Post, March 2).

Reinstate the chord to Leeds to the north of Low Moor, rename the station Bradford South, and immediately there is a huge tract of land available for redevelopment all the way up to – and including – Bradford Interchange station.

A similar trick at Shipley (renamed Bradford North) would release even greater tracts of land all the way south to Forster Square. After all, they’re only two very inconsequential stubs of track – aren’t they?

Does Bradford need railways to transport people to and from its heart these days – especially now it’s got a puddle there, with the prospect of that ultra-modern, 21st century, high speed canal transport system from the north?

Of course, it would require “rocket science” to do anything different. Some two centuries ago George Stephenson was building embankments, bridges – even viaducts – to get his Rocket from A to B.

Perhaps the planners, councillors, transport authorities etc of today are incapable of envisaging a rising embankment starting somewhere north of Forster Square; then a reverse curve sweeping east and then south of that station; then 
across some of the “Great 
Hole of Bradford” – in part on a viaduct – to join up with the Interchange.

Or perhaps there are too many vested interests who are satisfied with piddling puddles and happy to see my beloved Bradford left in a pickle?

From: Alan Biggin FCA, financial director, Bradford City Football Club, Valley Parade, Bradford.

WITH reference to your City of Bradford profile (Yorkshire Post, March 9) you are incorrect with your statements of Bradford’s size in relation to other cities, both in this country and the UK.

Bradford is the eighth largest city in England excluding London and will be the 11th if all the UK is included.