Brass bands keeping music alive in rural areas

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From: Gerald Hodgson, Spennithorne, Leyburn.

Heidi Johnson writes of “Making the case for music loud and clear” (The Yorkshire Post, January 27) in an article emphasising the value 
of music to young people, a theme with which I entirely agree.

However, neither in her article or on her NYMAZ website is there any reference to the great Yorkshire brass band tradition which flourishes here in North Yorkshire and gives lots of opportunity for ensemble playing and support of learner players.

Here in the north west corner of North Yorkshire alone, we have five brass bands, at Muker, Reeth, Hawes, Leyburn and Bedale, and no young person in Wensleydale or Swaledale is more than 10 miles from one or other.

A similar pattern exists throughout the county.

Brass bands are a great Yorkshire tradition, playing an eclectic and enjoyable selection of music that anyone can enjoy and catering for a wide range of instrumental ability.

Their continuing appeal was illustrated recently when the Leyburn Band Christmas Concert, which took place at Tennants Auctioneers’ magnificent new premises in Leyburn, attracted an audience of over 500.