Break a a clumsy teenager got to meet her idol

Dame Judi Dench
Dame Judi Dench
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TEENAGER Katherine Dodds fell head over heads trying to meet her idol and ended up dislocating both knees.

She was in such a rush to catch Dame Judi Dench leaving a theatre that she stumbled and fell.

But it was a case of no pain, no gain, for the 16-year-old who was treated to a private rendezvous with the actress after she heard about her misfortune.

Katherine, from Keighley, said: “I was waiting by the side door to meet Dame Judi when one of the theatre staff shouted to say she was coming out of the front door.

“Everyone ran round the building but suddenly my right knee just gave way beneath me. As I fell, I felt my other knee jolt and I landed on the floor in a big heap.

“I was desperate to meet Dame Judy but I was in agony and couldn’t move.”

Katherine had been to see Peter and Alice at the Noel Coward Theatre in London with mum Susan when she took the tumble.

Helped by theatre staff, Katherine had to wait 45 minutes for an ambulance before she was taken to hospital.

The theatre offered her a theatre tour, during which she bumped into an assistant of Dame Judi, who led them in to see the star.

“I was overwhelmed,” said Katherine. “I was a little starstruck but it was amazing to be able to chat to her and I told her how much I admired her.

“She was so lovely, she asked me what I wanted to do when I’m older and she gave me some advice. She signed a few of my things before wishing me luck. I couldn’t believe it.”

Katherine, a student at Bingley Grammar School, added: “I’m still sore and having to go around on crutches, but it was so worth it. I just wish it wasn’t so embarrassing.”