Breathtaking views certain to help our campaign hit heights

Howard  Moseley, organiser of Minster Nights, in the  Masons Loft of York Minster
Howard Moseley, organiser of Minster Nights, in the Masons Loft of York Minster
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WITH ITS magnificent triple towers dominating the city’s skyline, the exterior of York Minster has inspired awe for over 1,000 years.

But a look inside Europe’s largest Gothic cathedral is just as breathtaking – especially those granted access to all areas.

Every year 400,000 visitors flock to the minster, yet of those just a handful of special guests are given the chance to scale its dizzying heights for a tour of the Mason’s Loft and Chapter House roof.

Built between 1270 and 1280, the Chapter House has been the meeting place of the Dean and the governing body of the minster from its completion to present day. Its high timber vault suspended from a unique gothic dome roof, which lacks the support of a central column, is considered an architectural marvel. Sitting above is the loft, used as a drawing office by the stonemasons who crafted the majestic minster.

In support of The Yorkshire Post’s Christmas appeal, York Minster is offering one bidder and a guest the chance to experience this rare treat.

For the past four weeks a haul of prize lots have been sold via an online auction to raise money for Scarborough RNLI’s specialist launcher for its new Shannon class lifeboat.

From today readers can submit sealed bids in a silent auction for the ‘backstage tour’, which can be tailored to suit the interests of the winning bidder.

Stacey Healey, a spokeswoman for York Minster, said: “It’s amazing when you get up there (Mason’s Loft) to the old workspace of the masons.”

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu said: “The RNLI does a superb job with fantabulous volunteers – they are people like you and me who do the extraordinary. Join me in supporting RNLI Scarborough’s Christmas Appeal to fundraise for special launch equipment for the Shannon lifeboat. Thank you very much.”

Last night saw the completion of 40 online auctions on eBay, which raised a total of more than £10,000 for the Lifeboat appeal.

A dinner and wine tasting event for 12 people at Goldsborough Hall, a stately home in the Dales, attracted the highest bid of £1,033, while a trip to the top 
of the Emley Moor TV mast saw 49 people bidding and raised £824.

Bids can be submitted over the next five days via email at and must carry the subject line ‘The Yorkshire Post Christmas appeal’.

You can also post them to The Yorkshire Post Christmas Appeal, Editorial, Yorkshire Post, No 1 Leeds, 26 Whitehall Road, Leeds, LS12 1BE.