Brexit worries hit ITV's advertising market

Popular programmes like The Voice have boosted ITV
Popular programmes like The Voice have boosted ITV
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​Broadcaster ITV ​​warned that Brexit fears are having an impact on the television advertising market although its​ revenues ​rose ​14​ per cent​ to £755​m in the first quarter​.​

Sales growth was driven by a strong performance at the company's television production arm, ITV Studios.

Non advertising revenue rose 34​ per cent​ to £428​m and ITV said it expects to deliver profit growth in the first half of the year.

However, chief executive Adam Crozier warned: "This is against the backdrop of uncertainty in the UK advertising market, which we have experienced since the debate over Brexit began."

​Despite this, ITV described the UK television market as "robust" and flagged its pipeline of new and returning programmes such as Victoria, Cold Feet and The Voice as prospective drivers of growth over the year and going into 2017.

ITV's main channel share of viewing was up 3​ per cent​ in the first four months of the year and its online viewing consumption grew by 22​ per cent​ year-on-year.

Mr Crozier added that he expects ITV Studios to deliver double-digit revenue and profit growth this year.