Bride-to-be finds fiancé stem cell donor in 60 days

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A bride-to-be who had just 60 days to find a stem cell donor to save the life of her fiancé has succeeded at her challenge.

Kate Robertson launched a desperate bid to find a matching donor for Mike Brandon after medics told him that he needed a transplant within 60 days.

Less than a month after Miss Robertson’s campaign was launched, a donor has been found.

Anthony Nolan said that the drive has led to a 650 per cent increase in people joining the bone marrow register.

The blood cancer charity said that there was a particular surge among potential donors in the couple’s home city of Bristol.

Miss Robertson, 31, said the response has been “astounding”.

“It’s been an incredibly difficult time so the relief we’re feeling is overwhelming,” she said.

“A matching donor means that we can go ahead with Mike’s bone marrow transplant. We know we have a rocky road ahead as a transplant is a serious procedure, but knowing there is a good match for Mike is a fantastic boost that we desperately needed.

Mr Brandon, 29, was diagnosed with leukaemia in March.

The Oxford Brookes conservation and ecology graduate proposed three weeks before Miss Robertson headed off on a six-month backpacking trip at the start of the year. But after her departure, he started suffering from fatigue and night sweats.

He visited the doctor who carried out blood tests and within hours he learnt he had acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Miss Robertson, a physiotherapist, found out about her husband-to-be’s condition while she was travelling in Burma.