Bridlington has gone bananas - tropical fruit growing in Old Town

The weather in Bridlington this summer might have been like the Caribbean at times, but nobody really expected it to be hot enough to grow bananas!

However, Wendy Milner’s tropical plant has suddenly started producing fruit in the unlikely surroundings of Westgate in Old Town.

She said: “I have had this plant for eight years. It was a small thing when I got it but it has grown and grown.

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“It has outgrown my house, because I have only got a small cottage, so it is currently at my daughter’s, who lives 50 metres up the road and it has thrived there.

Wendy Milner inspects the plant which has grown to 13ft tall.

“It is higher up, there are massive windows and it must have got 13 feet tall.”

Wendy said the plant has never even enjoyed the warmth and humidity of a greenhouse or conservatory.

She added: “I have no idea if I can eat them, and I can’t find anybody else who has. They started sprouting out of the top about eight weeks ago.

“Maybe it was because it was such a beautiful, hot summer. But it is a tropical plant so what on earth is it doing like this in Bridlington.”

The fruit appeared around eight weeks ago

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