Britain braces itself for the "Mediterranean melt", but will it hit Yorkshire?

The scorching summer shows no signs of stopping with another blast of hot air set to hit the country over the next week.

Will it be this warm in Yorkshire?
Will it be this warm in Yorkshire?

Dubbed as the "Mediterranean melt", the blast of hot air will travel up to the UK from Spain and is set to leave large parts of the country with sweltering temperatures and prolonged dry spells.

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Today could see highs of up to 34C in some parts of the country, particularly in the south and south east.

Will it be this warm in Yorkshire?

But will the "Mediterranean melt" visit Yorkshire?

Well, not really.

Although it is set to continue being warm and dry for the majority, a high of 28C is predicted in our region by the experts at the Met Office.

That is set to come on Friday, when there will also be the chance of some scattered showers.

Until then, we see the temperature gradually rising throughout the week, but a fair dose of cloud is also on the cards.

Today (Monday), we are set for sunny intervals and highs of around 26C in the mid-afternoon.

And that's the story for the majority of the week,until we hit those highs of 28C on Friday.