Britain can no longer afford to be so generous to others

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From: BJ Cussons, Curly Hill, Ilkley, Leeds.

THE time has come when people must stop bleating about the invasion of our country, saying “what can we do about it?” and do something. We should force our government of any persuasion to act.

We are an island and need to be somewhat self-sufficient. We cannot afford to cover our land with building developments. Yes, it provides jobs and houses for more people but does so by employing people from overseas at minimal rates and then they in their turn want housing for themselves and their dependents.

As a country, we are generous in our voluntary giving to those countries who suffer poverty and need but that never stops the causes of their poverty. Those result from their own decisions – overly large families which used to be the way of balancing early deaths through lack of health education, coupled with tribal and religious leaders’ diktat in various ways in order to ensure their own power base.

The world cannot continue with this ever increasing growth in population.

As for the money going to Europe to shore up incompetent countries, to provide jobs for the boys, and to build projects costing millions, it must be curtailed or we must get out.

Having seen the amount of money poured into Madeira over the years, a tiny island with a minimal population, and recently seen an incredibly expensive tourist attraction in Valencia, it confirms that ‘leaders’ have gone mad. I do recognise the global nature of life today and that I may be accused of insularism. Nevertheless there must be a balance with common sense.

Perhaps we might start by paying our agriculture and building workers more and our bankers, civil servants, consultants and BBC hierarchy a whole lot less, eliminating the excuse for more immigrants.

Big is not beautiful and it 
is making our country increasingly corrupt, mirroring those countries whom we are being asked to subsidise constantly.

Please support Migration Watch UK, an apolitical organisation striving to awaken our politicians to the consequences of their pathway.

From: Terry Duncan, Greame Road, Bridlington.

I UNDERSTAND that general elections are held to elect 
a body of men and women capable of Government.

So why do they not govern 
and rein in the swingeing increases in the present cost of living?

They should step on the companies who are ripping 
us off to such a level that 
the poorly paid and pensioners do not have a penny left 
after paying their 
monthly bills.