Britain should be like countries rebuilding shattered lives

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From: Anthony Hopkins, Carlton Drive, Guiseley.

WHAT is wrong with the country at the present time?

Fuel tanker drivers, reputedly earning in excess of £35,000 per annum, threatening strike action; truckers threatening to join forces with them to bring the road network to a halt and militant union leaders who were primarily responsible for appointing the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition stating they will bring down the Government.

We have pensioners moaning at the so-called Granny Tax; irresponsible binge drinking blighting our city centres; almost every activity needing to be sponsored and a greedy “must have now” mentality without thought of the effect on others.

As a pensioner, I am grateful for the present benefits we receive, in the form of a weekly pension, fuel allowance, free travel, free TV licence for many, free prescriptions and believe these will probably not prevail for our children and certainly not for our grandchildren.

Where has personal responsibility gone in the midst of all this? Surely there is an essential need for us all to stand up and be counted and take responsibility for our attitudes and behaviour and have thought for and be helpful to others. Is there no spirit of self-sufficiency left?

Let us perhaps reflect on Japan, New Zealand and Thailand, all countries suffering devastating natural disasters within the past 12 months, but quietly and resourcefully rebuilding their shattered lives. What wonderful examples our country could well follow.

From: James Anthony Bulmer, Peel Street, Horbury, Wakefield.

THE Government brainwashed us into invading two countries Iraq and Afghanistan with weapons of mass destruction being the bait.

This bait didn’t catch any fish but has cost billions of pounds and thousands of lives and still is costing lives.

And now someone in Government tries to advise people about hoarding petrol, resulting in one person getting badly burnt and all hell is let loose.

Surely advice should not cause panic, especially in a civilised, democratic country or are we all like lemmings that commit mass suicide or the sheep that go astray.

Shouldn’t common sense prevail? Our Government every week give the impression of junior schoolchildren at playtime when we almost hear “Sticks and stones may break my bones but calling will not hurt me”.

For goodness’ sake, grow up, and unite in the common cause: our country’s future. Otherwise, there will not be a future.

From: Ken Dransfield, Firs Grove, Harrogate.

WITH reference to Tom Richmond’s article (Yorkshire Post, April 3), it reminded me of the times, many, when I stood on the terraces at Oakwell and despaired when I heard so-called fans barracking their own team.

It always occurred to me that whatever their weakness, the team represented all we had and were there because they had been chosen to be there.

In Mr Richmond’s case he decries the ability and indeed the honesty, of all politicians in your summing up.

Clearly he has no time for our Prime Ministers; Blair, Brown and now Cameron were all attacked in the clearest terms.

The issue is that we live in a democracy. Those who govern are there by the will of the people. They have an impossible job to do but I am sure they do their best.

The headline was “Hands up who trusts David Cameron...” Yes, I do because I am sure he is the man for the job at the present time – even though I have voted Labour throughout.