Britain’s youngest voter: Ollie, 2, gets polling card in the post

A SHEFFIELD dad tweeted this picture of a polling card that arrived in the post for his son - aged just two.

Ollie Wroe, 2 with his polling card. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

Little Ollie Wroe received his polling card through the post a week ago but it was only when his dad looked at the cards days later that he realised the error.

Andy Wroe, 36, took to Twitter to share the surprise delivery and tweeted: “Unless @PostmanPat has defected to #Ukip then I don’t think Ollie Aged 2 will be voting tomorrow”

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The dad-of-two, who has yet to make his decision on who to vote for, said that if Ollie was to vote he would probably make a better decision than the rest of the electorate.

Andy, a shop manager, said: “It came about a week ago but I didn’t look at it straight away. I had only just got mine and my wife’s polling cards out to have a look and I noticed one for Ollie in between the two.

“I just laughed when I saw it because I thought it was really daft. I think Ollie would make a better decision than some adults.

“I tweeted it this morning and uploaded it to Facebook where my friends have commented.

“It must have been an error with the electoral role but I don’t know how it has happened. I thought it might be something to do with registering his birth but I’m not sure.”

Andy and wife Laura, 29, a mental health support worker, have another child, five-month old Isla, who did not receive a polling card.