Britannia ready to rule waves again after repairs in dry dock

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Little over a week since fire crews in Edinburgh had to be drafted in to pump water from a badly listing Royal Yacht Britannia, the ship is in dry dock and being restored to its former glory.

The boat began listing last Friday during an operation to move the vessel for the first time in 14 years to the nearby Port of Leith for repairs and painting.

The yacht had developed a leak in a door seal, which caused it to tilt on its starboard side and start taking on water.

But a week on, officials said work had been progressing “very well” and the faulty door seal has been fixed.

The hull has been power-washed to remove barnacles and is now ready for the three coats of paint which will protect Britannia in the future.

The yacht served the Queen for 44 years and is now a tourist attraction in Edinburgh.

Britannia chief executive Bob Downie said: “We are very pleased with the progress that has been made in the dry dock and with the weather being so favourable, the works have proceeded much quicker than we could ever have anticipated.

“More importantly, the marine surveyors have advised us that the hull is in a great condition and there is no reason to dry-dock Britannia again for at least another 20 years.”