Britons put their trust in superstitions

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HALF of Britons believe superstitions such as keeping your fingers crossed and not walking under ladders do bring them luck.

Researchers found a third of those questioned described themselves as “lucky” and put good fortune down to sticking to rules like avoiding stepping on cracks in pavements and throwing spilt salt over the shoulder.

Four-leaf clovers were the most trusted lucky charm with four in 10 putting faith in their luck-giving properties, whilst 35 per cent have trusted in a birthday wish when blowing out candles.

One in five people claim to have experienced good luck after a bird soiled on them, according to the poll of 2,000 people by Paddy Power Bingo. Britons also put their faith in good fortune by blowing on dice before they roll them, always choosing the lucky number seven and making a wish when discovering a loose eyelash.