Bronte sister was “evil, twisted little woman”, says Lynda La Plante

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CRIME writer Lynda La Plante, who is planning a project on the Brontes, has taken a swipe at Charlotte Bronte.

The author, best known for writing hit TV drama Prime Suspect, called Charlotte “an evil, twisted little woman”.

During a radio interview the writer was given a quarter of a minute to say what she thought was wrong with “poor Charlotte”.

She said she thought she was a “compulsive liar”.

Although mentioning that she found her letters were “extraordinary” and that she was “very clever” she went on to say that she was “someone under 4ft five or six, had a very broad nose, bulbous eyes, was lacking teeth, had thinning hair.

“Everything we see of Charlotte is this wonderful portrait of her that was apparently fiction.”

Ann Dinsdale, Bronte Paronage Museum’s collection manager, said she would be interested to know why Miss La Plante thought Charlotte was a compulsive liar and was evil and vicious.

“Maybe I’ll find out how she came to that view when she visits us. I’d be interested to know,” she said.

In Charlotte’s defence, Miss Dinsdale added: “It’s very clear Charlotte was hugely ambitious and was quite pushy and bossy, the driving force of the sisters’ writing projects.

“When their novels were published they were really laid into by the critics of the day who described them as being un-Christian, unchaste and coarse – I think she tried to protect them. I think she was an incredibly courageous and brave woman.”

Charlotte Bronte was known to be very sensitive about her appearance and what she perceived as her lack of good looks. She is said to have been about 4ft 9 tall, with thinning hair and missing teeth.