Brothers on the crest of a windsurfing wave

Matthew Carey, 15, of Halifax, is making waves in the world of windsurfing.
Matthew Carey, 15, of Halifax, is making waves in the world of windsurfing.
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TWO teenage brothers are making waves in the world of windsurfing after taking it up just seven years ago.

Matthew, 15, and Josh Carey, 13, who are pupils at Bradford Grammar School, started windsurfing after trying it just once on holiday in Weymouth.

Seven years on the brothers, who live in Halifax, are among the best in the country and preparing to represent Great Britain at the European championships in Israel later this month.

Their father, Adam, said the boys were working hard at windsurfing and their GCSEs.

“When they came back from Weymouth we started going to Pugneys water sports in Wakefield that runs a T15 club, a Sport England initiative to help identify and support sailors for the future. They teach kids to windsurf and then they compete at the club in a UK league.

“Matt and Josh did this for a number of years and then got selected three years ago to train and compete for the North of England in a regional zone squad.

“They improved and again did well in this and were selected last year into the National Junior Squad, where they have competed this year.”

Matthew is now placed as the top surfer in the 7.8m sail group and Josh the best in the 6.8m sail class.

Next April, they are preparing for the European championships at Lake Garda in Italy and hope to qualify for the Youth Olympic Games in China next summer.

The pace of windsurfing may be hectic but the brothers are managing to keep up with their studies, according to their father.

“For parents out there, one thing we can say is our boys’ school results have improved since they started to windsurf seriously as they get coached into being independent and very organised.

“We also must say a huge thanks to Pugneys and Roy, their coach, for all their support and more recently to a company called Ineos that has helped support them.”