Bug brother

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CLAIRE Mitchell, bug expert at The Deep in Hull, takes a closer look at a Macleay’s Spectre Stick Insect, which is one of the star attractions in the new “Bug Champions” exhibition opening at the end of the month.

The Deep, which celebrates its 10th anniversary today, is one of the UK’s most successful Millennium projects and has welcomed 4.5 million visitors since it was opened by Prince Andrew.

It is home to 300 species of marine and fresh water life. Other bugs preparing for a share of the limelight include the mombo assassin bug, green blue bottle tarantula, blue death-feigning beetle, giant spiny stick insect, bulls head cockroach and vinegaroons, in “the world’s smallest sporting event of 2012”, which promises to reveal the “strongest, fastest and fiercest” members of the insect world.