Burberry extends its reach to 150 countries

Burberry's business services office in Leeds
Burberry's business services office in Leeds
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Luxury retailer Burberry ​has launched a new global partnership with Farfetch, the leading technology platform for the fashion indust​ry​, to ​extend the brand’s reach to over 150 countries.​

Burberry, which has manufacturing sites in Castleford and Keighley and ​a customer services office in Leeds, said the deal will strengthen its e-commerce presence​ around the world.​

For the first time, technology developed by Burberry has been integrated to the Farfetch API – the platform’s operating system - allowing the brand’s entire global inventory to be available through an e-commerce platform.

Burberry ​said it will ​work closely with Farfetch ​to present ​the brand on the marketplace, ensuring the images and narrative provide a consistent​ experience.

​Burberry's digital commerce senior vice president Daniel Heaf​ said: “We are thrilled about our partnership with Farfetch.

​"​Burberry has led the way in digital and this is a natural and significant evolution for us as we seek to reach a young fashion-conscious consumer. We want the digital expression of our brand to represent the very best in brand and product storytelling whether on our own platforms or through our partners, and Farfetch customers globally can now access the full Burberry offer.”

Giorgio Belloli, ​c​hief ​c​ommercial ​o​fficer at Farfetch, ​adde​d: “We’re so pleased to welcome Burberry to Farfetch as a direct brand partner. Our customers around the world love the brand, and working together means we can make sure lovers of fashion can have access to the greatest selection of Burberry products wherever they are in the world.”

Burberry said ​the technology underpinning the partnership with Farfetch will enable ​it to deepen its relationships with other existing and new e-commerce partners.

The partnership will launch with “Show to Door”, an immediate around-the-clock delivery service from Farfetch for 24 hours after Burberry’s February 2018 Show.

A capsule collection of re-issued pieces from the brand’s archive, re-released as part of the February 2018 runway collection, will be available for purchase immediately following the show.

The collection features the Rainbow check, the latest iteration of Burberry’s most iconic symbol. In addition to the capsule collection, three tote bags inspired by the February 2018 collection will be available only to Farfetch customers.

Farfetch ​is an e-commerce marketplace for luxury boutiques around the world.