Bus cuts hit pensioners

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From: Rodney Mills, Kirkby Road, Ripon.

I READ with dismay the decimation of many of our local bus routes, this service is a lifeline for many older people especially those who live in outlying areas who cannot drive or ride a bike.

I do not blame NYCC for the proposed cuts – it is the Government that is responsible. They say we have to reduce the deficit.

It is time that they got their priorities right.

How about the overseas aid budget which is £12.8bn a year 
or the £54m we give to the EU every day?

Charity begins at home. Shouldn’t we be looking after our own OAPs, who went through the Second World War and now need comforts in later life?

Spreading boundaries

From: Arnold Senior, Rose Avenue, Upton, Pontefract.

that anywhere within the Wakefield MDC boundary is counted as being in Wakefield. This may suit Wakefield – I suppose it does.

I see that the writer of 
Graham Stevenson’s obituary (Yorkshire Post, January 25) has gone along with this invention – “...and was educated at Minsthorpe High School, Wakefield”.

Minsthorpe has its own identity and lies between Upton and South Elmsall.

It will be roughly as near to Barnsley and Doncaster as it is to Wakefield, something like 10 miles in each case.

People living in the south east 
of the district are increasingly 
fed up with being disregarded 
at the same time as Wakefield adds to its self-importance.