Bus drivers get tickets during toilet breaks

TWO bus drivers have been issued with parking tickets for leaving their buses at a bus stop.

Sylvia Lonsdale and Peter Cockroft were each fined 35 when they parked in a double bus bay – leaving their vehicles unattended for a few minutes as they used the toilet.

Bus drivers – apart from First employees who have their own facilities – must use the public toilets at Halifax bus station.

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But Mrs Lonsdale, who works for Halifax Joint Committee, said it was not always possible to use the available toilets.

Debbie Calcott, Calderdale Council's parking services manager, said: "We have issued these tickets after complaints from other bus operators.

"They have told us that these particular buses have been persistently parking in these bays for long periods of time, preventing others from safely picking up and setting down passengers in these bays."