Business broadband gets rural revival

Mark Branagan

MOVES to provide high-speed internet access are to be trialled in three more business parks after concerns were raised over a lack of coverage.

Businesses across York and North Yorkshire will benefit from high-quality broadband under moves to roll out high-speed connections to three business locations.

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The pioneering scheme to provide high-speed internet coverage across England’s largest county was unveiled three years ago by Nynet, the North Yorkshire company set up in 2007 to stop the county being left behind in the internet revolution.

But as the Yorkshire Post has reported before, concerns have been raised over the effectiveness of the project and whether the technology can be installed in some business parks.

The company is seeking three locations to become “smart parks” to receive next generation broadband (NGB) at the sort of affordable prices usually seen in areas of intense competition, such as central London. They have posted details on their website for registrations before February 12.

Sales and marketing director Andy Lister said: “This will be a tremendous opportunity for businesses on the three parks to exploit the major advances being made in broadband technology.”

NYnet is teaming up with York and North Yorkshire Ltd, a company which combines the expertise of Business Link, the employers’ support organisation, and local authorities, including North Yorkshire County Council and York Council.

Officials say the last decade saw businesses opening all over rural North Yorkshire, often in redundant farm buildings where broadband connections can be expensive or not available at all.

“Internet access has become a cornerstone of modern business yet traditionally North Yorkshire has lagged behind – costing the business community lost opportunities and stifling growth,” said Mr Lister.

Of the three parks selected, two will be in rural locations, and one in York.