Business leaders breathe sigh of relief as uncertainty ends

Jack Tordoff
Jack Tordoff
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YORKSHIRE business leaders have breathed a sigh of relief at the return of certainty and stability after months of polls predicting that the British electorate would fail to elect a new Government.

Jeff Pearey, head of the north east region for commercial real estate agency JLL, welcomed George Osborne’s post-election promise to focus on building a northern powerhouse to help rebalance the UK economy.

James Newman

James Newman

James Newman, chairman of the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership, said he hoped politics would continue to be about the economy and not become dominated by Europe and Scottish nationalism.

Ibrahim Najafi, chief executive of Northallerton-based R&R Ice Cream, said: “It’s great to see things have settled. We can put it behind us and move on. As long as everyone is growing the economy and supporting business I’m pleased.”

Richard Gregory, senior independent director at Yorkshire and Clydesdale banks, said: “I never comment on politics, but I am pleased that it is a definitive result and that the threatened uncertainty did not materialise.”

Jack Tordoff, chairman of JCT600, Yorkshire’s largest family-owned business, said he was delighted that the Tories retained power.

He added: “People are not stupid. They realise that things have gone well for the last 18 months. I didn’t have any doubt that the Conservatives would get back in.”

Martin Shaw, the veteran corporate lawyer, said voters chose Tories because they thought Labour was incompetent at running an economy.

He added: “It’s all very well for Labour to blame world economic affairs and the banking crisis and so forth, but actually it was all to do with huge borrowings.”

Chris Hearld, northern chairman of accountancy giant KPMG, said: “It was the result that local business would have wanted, broadly speaking.

“Not the one the one they expected though.”