Businessman boosts charity again

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Hull City owner Assem Allam, is helping give former sailors and their families in the region a better life.

The businessman has donated £10,000 to Seafarers UK, a national organisation that supports former seamen, their widows and children in East Yorkshire and beyond.

Seafarers UK is an umbrella body that distributes funds to other maritime charities working with ex-sailors and their families who have fallen on hard times. It is the second year in succession Dr Allam has donated such a sum to the body.

Brian Mitchell, chairman of the East Yorkshire Committee of Seafarers UK, said the money would make a huge difference. He said: “This money is a tremendously generous gesture, we are really grateful to Dr Allam for choosing to support us like this.

“We organise events throughout the year which usually raise £300 to £400 each, so you can imagine how much we can do with a donation £10,000.

“It will go a long way to helping a lot of people who have been affected by issues such as losing a loved one at sea, and given its history, there are many such families in Hull and East Yorkshire.”