By-election likely after ballot mix-up

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Hull City Council has been forced to apologise after a candidate’s name was left off some ballot papers.

Colin Worrall, the Yorkshire First candidate for Bransholme West, was not on the list of choices for some voters for one ward in the city’s local election.

A statement from Ian Anderson, returning officers for Hull City Council’s local elections, released statement which read.

“I can confirm that during the verification of the Bransholme West ward at the Hull Local Election this evening (Thursday 7 May), it became apparent that Colin Worrall, the candidate for Yorkshire First, had been missed off a number of ballot papers.

“We are verifying the extent of the problem and we will update the candidates in due course.

“I unreservedly apologise to all of the candidates and electorate for Bransholme West for this situation, which we believe has resulted from another error made by the print and distribution company.”

The error could potentially trigger a by-election for the seat.

The mix-up will cause further embarrassment for the city of Hull after officials omitted Labour and Green Party candidates from some postal ballots for the General Election.

Many failed to list Labour candidate Karl Turner or Green Party candidate Sarah Walpole.

The mistake was spotted by one resident who contacted Mr Turner earlier today to ask if he was still standing.

Again the omission was blamed on a printing error.