Cable in shreds

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POOR Vince Cable. The nation’s favourite politician because of his perceived sageness during the 2008 banking crisis, he’s now finding the responsibility of public office an altogether more challenging proposition.

As the Business Secretary attempts to work with former Conservative foes to shore up Britain’s position as the Eurozone crisis becomes more entrenched, his every move – and speech – is being monitored.

Days after being the embarrassing subject of a late VAT payment, York-born Mr Cable has been forced to apologise “unreservedly” after confidential correspondence was discovered in bins outside his constituency office.

He’s not the only senior politician not to follow official advice and shred unwanted paperwork – Cabinet Office Minister Oliver Letwin is another culprit.

Both men have blamed absent-mindedness. But, given that one shire authority was fined £120,000 after emailing personal information to the wrong recipients on three occasions, to what extent should politicians be above the law?