Call for lobbying regulation from PM constituency head

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David Cameron’s constituency president said he believes lobbying needs to be regulated.

Lord Chadlington said yesterday that there was a clear difference between PR and lobbying.

Mr Cameron faced controversy last month after it emerged he had paid £137,000 for a piece of land he bought at his constituency home from Lord Chadlington.

But the peer, who runs PR firm Huntsworth, said: “Lobbying is not about public relations, that’s about the relationship between the client and the Government and it’s a very small proportion of what happens in public relations. I as a peer anyway have strict rules about what I can and cannot do.

“You mustn’t muddle up public relations and lobbying.

“Lobbying is about trying to change the law or change the position or perspective of a client amongst Government.

“That needs to be regulated, of that I have absolutely no doubt at all – and nor do the legislators.