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STANDARDS of customer care at major companies have been declining for some time. For many, the relocation of call centres overseas was the tipping point – certainly from the public’s perspective.

It was also clear that many firms were focused solely on the financial bottom line and this took precedence, even if it meant their customers having to tolerate a lesser service.

Yet many will hope that the change of heart by Santander UK, the country’s third biggest bank, is just the beginning.

It has bowed to customer pressure and brought its call centres back to these shores. It is positive news for the economy – up to 500 jobs will be created – and should ensure a better service for the public. Tellingly, it was the sheer weight of complaints, coupled with the widespread media coverage of their poor performance, that prompted this move.

A victory for people power, others should take note. For, run effectively and with staff who actually listen to complaints and then take the necessary action, there is no reason why this should significantly add to the overheads of such organisations.