Caller in West Yorkshire dials 999 to complain that their dad didn't get his P45

As far as ridiculous 999 calls go, this one has to be up there.

A member of the public shocked West Yorkshire Police's emergency call handlers by ringing to complain that their father hadn't received his P45 from his last job.

Record-breaking day for 999 calls to West Yorkshire PoliceOther bizarre calls to the force in the last two months include:

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- "I'm struggling to reverse out of a parking space"

- "I can hear an alarm going off, but I don't know where from"

Life behind the scenes at the West Yorkshire Police contact centre- "My neighbour is killing wasps with a tea towel in her house"

- "It's cold"

- "My former boss is with-holding my wages"

- "I've left my cigarettes in a taxi"

- "I've lost my SIM card"

- "My eyesight isn't good"

- "I've paid a deposit on a house, changed my mind and now I can't get my money back from the landlord"

- "My TV signal has gone"

- "Someone has left a bag of dog poo on my doorstep"

- "An ATM has swallowed my card"

- "A gardening company have called to ask if I require any services"

- "My dog ran out of my house - two years ago"

- "Can you come and sell my cat's newborn kittens?"

- "My fridge light goes on and off when I walk past"