Calling all Old Johnsmen

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From: Patrick Neal, Woodward Court, Mirfield.

I am hoping to make contact with former rugby players of York St John’s as a new Old Johns Rugby Club has been founded.

The Old Johns Rugby Club is dedicated to building a family of Old John members focused on the creation of a community of lifelong friendships. These friendships can maintain and build traditions for the future, 
not only within the Old Johns Club but also through our foundation and its work with children from a challenging background.

The vision is to use our camaraderie, expertise and passion for rugby to help to create a thriving rugby club and foundation.

Any Old Johnsman from any era can contact me for further details or can visit the website and join direct.

Two points

From: John Wilson, New Road Side, Horsforth, Leeds.

Regarding the letter from the disgraced MP Denis MacShane (Yorkshire Post, November 9), two points arise.

First, he appears to blame his offending on grief caused by the loss of his daughter. This does him no credit at all.

Secondly, it is reported in the press that his admissions to the parliamentary authorities may be privileged from production against him in court.

So far as I am aware the same does not apply to letters to the Yorkshire Post. So no doubt you will be handing this letter to the police.

Beryl is best

From: K Armitage, Colne, Lancashire.

I would like to disagree with Allan Ramsay, who says that Bradley Wiggins is Britain’s best cyclist (Yorkshire Post, November 10). My nomination would be Beryl Burton from my home town of Morley, who won 19 world championships and held the world record for covering the furthest distance within a 
certain time, beating top male riders. Does this record still stand? I would like thoughts from other readers on this subject.