Calls made for Jared O'Mara to resign and trigger Sheffield Hallam by-election

Readers of The Yorkshire Post have called for Sheffield Hallam MP Jared O'Mara to stand down after it was revealed he hasn't been turning up for work at his constituency office.

Jared O'Mara is facing renewed calls to resign

Shamed MP Jared O'Mara not turning up to workO’Mara, who took Nick Clegg’s seat in Sheffield Hallam in June, was suspended by Labour in October after a series of homophobic, racist and misogynistic online remarks made several years ago came to light.

Last month, O’Mara’s office said he would not be attending Parliament on medical advice but added that he was continuing to work “very hard” for constituents in Sheffield. But after The Yorkshire Post visited his constituency office on Friday, the day he previously held constituency surgeries, O’Mara was not there. His office manager would not say when he had last attended and could not give a single example of him helping a constituent.

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The Yorkshire Post says: Jared O'Mara owes voters an explanationReaders have had their say online this morning, with several suggesting it is time for Mr O'Mara to resign from his post.

Michael Sylvester said: "There needs to be a debate about constituents’ rights to recall their MPs if they’re not getting the service they deserve. There would have to be checks and measures due to the silly tribal nature of British politics but I certainly would want him removing as my MP on his record."

Matthew Lawson said: "Whatever your political orientation, you deserve representation in parliament. By election now."

Sheffield's missing MP: How Jared O'Mara's political dream became a nightmareDamon Evans added: "If he isn’t going to do his job, don’t the people of Sheffield Hallam deserve a by-election so they can elect someone who will?"

Paul Singh was another to call for his resignation. He said: "It’s time for Jared O’Mara to resign as MP for Sheffield Hallam and let the people decide if they still want him as their representative in Parliament."

Fiona Unwin said: "I think he never expected to win, no one else expected him to win and it’s all a disaster."

Catherine Mirfin said: "I’ve regularly been tweeting Labour asking what’s happening as he’s my MP and not received any reply."

But others were willing to defend Mr O'Mara.

Nigel Wooler said: "I am sure that he is not the only MP not attending. If this man is ill he needs to be left alone but a simple announcement from his office would probably be appreciated."

Alison Lister said: "What about the Tory MP’s who don’t turn up?"