Cameron and Clegg welcome victory and call for new European trade deal with US

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BRITISH political leaders of all parties warmly welcomed the re-election of President Barack Obama as Ministers used the occasion to call for a new European trade deal with the US.

Standing in for David Cameron at Prime Minister’s Questions, Nick Clegg said yesterday that Mr Obama’s victory showed it was possible for governments to be re-elected in tough economic times, while praising the President’s support for dealing with climate change.

“I think the lesson of the presidential election is that voters memories are actually longer than (Labour) seems to think,” Mr Clegg said.

“Voters remember when it comes to casting their vote who it was who created the mess in the first place, and who has to do the painstaking – and yes, longer than he had hoped – job of sorting out that mess.”

The Sheffield MP went on: “On the wider issue, there is so much we now need to do with the Obama administration.

“I would like to see a new EU-US free trade agreement, which I think will create a real spurt in both our economies.

“I was also delighted to hear President Obama singled out his commitment to dealing with climate change, another area where we can work together which is very welcome.”

Mr Cameron, who is leading a trade delegation in the Middle East, also welcomed the re-election of a man with whom he enjoys a strong working relationship.

“I would like to congratulate Barack Obama on his re-election,” the Prime Minister said.

“I have really enjoyed working with him over the last few years and I look forward to working with him again over the next four years. There are so many things that we need to do. We need to kick start the world economy and I want to see an EU-US trade deal.

“Right here in Jordan I am hearing appalling stories about what has happened inside Syria, so one of the first things I want to talk to Barack about is how we must do more to try and solve this crisis.

“Above all, congratulations to Barack.

“I think he’s a very successful US President and I look forward to working with him in the future.”

Labour Deputy leader Harriet Harman said: “(President Obama) spoke of his determination to create more jobs, health care for all, and to tackle the scourge of inequality. We wish him well.”