Cameron ‘hypocritical’ over targeting top tax dodgers

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From: ME Wright, Grove Road, Harrogate.

No doubt millions of us who pay our just dues dutifully if not joyfully, found Jimmy Carr’s attempt at damage limitation unimpressive; though it raised the question of “why only him?” which your editorial addressed perfectly (Yorkshire Post, June 22).

Rather than singling out one of thousands addicted to tax dodging, shouldn’t David Cameron be targeting the dealers – those slippery lawyers and accountants who prosper by encouraging and feeding these greedy and devious goings-on?

What about hitting them with a carefully drafted offence of subverting the intentions of Parliament? This would also ensure that “celebrities” etc no longer escaped condign punishment for boorish and dangerous behaviour on the roads. It might even be a vote winner!

From: Sean David Marsh, West Close, Pontefract.

I FIND David Cameron’s moral high stance regarding Jimmy Carr’s tax evasion extremely hypocritical.

Has Mr Carr really done anything wrong? Surely accountants are paid to ensure individuals and businesses pay the least amount of tax as possible? If this is done legally, where is the problem? David Cameron employs an accountant to manage his business interests, as do other so called honourable MPs. Are they paying all of the tax they should be paying? We only have to look at the expenses claims fiasco to see the hypocrisy of the politicians.

If Jimmy Carr is to be castigated over his so-called tax evasion, let us have a look at the financial affairs of those who seek to vilify him.

From: Frank Jones, White Rose Way, Thirsk.

I DO not resent people legally arranging their financial affairs so that they pay as little income tax as possible; I do resent the accusation of being immoral in avoiding tax.

If one’s accountants and investment advisors submit a correct Income Tax Return I see there is no need for public condemnation by anyone and I am surprised how easy it is for the public to be made aware of a celebrity’s tax affairs.

From: PJ Crabtree, Stoneswood Road, Delph, Saddleworth.

RE Gary Barlow receiving an honour and reports that he has avoided paying tax: I’m fed up of the growing number of celebrities promoting their own agenda by promoting their patriotism yet avoiding tax at the same time. The millions of ordinary working people who are taxed by PAYE are the true patriots.

From: T Marston, Lincoln.

THE Prime Minister shows through his irritability, when his ideas are challenged in the Commons and in interviews, that he likes to be in charge.

He likes to take the initiative – as in his approach to the Argentine President at the G20; hardly a diplomatic triumph. He likes to choose the ground where he’ll fight. For example, Jimmy Carr. And where he won’t; Gary Barlow OBE.

He likes to be the gaffer. Trouble for him is the “gaffe” frequently comes first.

From: JC Penn, Birch Tree Drive, Hedon, Hull.

THE capitalist world has given us a million labour-saving devices that have reduced the need for workers. These tax and national insurance contributors have become benefit claimants with no purchasing power. The worst thing the business community needs is people without money.

Money, a thing invented by humans, the so-called, most intelligent species on this planet.