Cameron is a man completely out of his depth

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From: Richard Billups, East Avenue, Rawmarsh, Rotherham.

THIS Conservative Party is frightened of its own shadow.

At the age of 70-plus, I have never seen anything like this lot of scaredy-cats.

Over the years I’ve seen and heard a lot of political rubbish but this David Cameron is the pits, with this rubbish about a referendum and now this asking energy firms to freeze prices until after the 2015 election and begging water companies to do the same.

It is not only Ukip that is frightening him to death, it is all political parties – including the Greens.

Cameron has put all his eggs into the South East basket and now panic has set in.

He takes every opportunity to scamper abroad to try and look good but it is clear to all and sundry he is completely out of his depth.

He is the worst Prime Minister we have witnessed since the war by far.

His guidance of the sale of 
the Royal Mail at below half 
price to placate his financial friends was not only wrong but foolish.

Along with his school pal George Osborne, the Chancellor who gave hedge funds £148m in tax breaks for their £25m donation to Tory coffers, it shows who rules the party and makes policy.

It is the only Conservative
Party in my lifetime 
that has no idea about 
energy, transport, education, health, unemployment or defence.

In fact, they would be hard pressed to manage a booze-up in a brewery.

They would forget the bottle opener.