Cameron reveals flat makeover details

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David Cameron has been forced to reveal more details of the extensive refurbishment of his Downing Street flat.

No 10 has released a schedule of the work ordered by the Prime Minister and his wife Samantha, following a ruling by Information Commissioner Christopher Graham.

There are no details of the costs – which reportedly ran to £64,000, with £30,000 coming from the flat’s annual maintenance budget and the rest paid for out of the Camerons’ own pockets. But it does make clear the extent of the facelift commissioned by the couple following last year’s General Election.

Like the Blairs and the Browns, who also had young children, they chose to move into the large flat over 11 Downing Street rather than the smaller accommodation over No 10.

According to the work schedule, the Camerons ordered the removal of almost all the furniture and fittings they inherited.

The details were released to Labour MP Tom Watson following a request under the Freedom of Information Act.